Workplace Mental Health Solution - MateCheck

We’re all in it together,

Just like you and your workmates.

Connecting organisations and their people to wellbeing.


Our promise to you

MateCheck will reach the people who matter, when it matters, with a workplace mental health, wellbeing and safety solution, supported by our technology and our people.


Why do we do what we do?

Because we believe mental health is everybody’s business, MateCheck puts the power to connect in everybody’s hands, to redefine and build resilient workplaces.

It’s our people, working with yours that make us different

Reaction times, continuous improvement and engagement all mean MateCheck creates a comfortable, supportive environment in which employees and organisations can connect and thrive.

The user experience is simple, accessible and highly functional, providing ‘one touch’ access to confidential professional support, along with the knowledge that it is a shared, but discrete, experience — with benefits to the organisation including real-time connectivity and feedback, monitoring and productivity improvements.

When we reach the people that matter, when it matters, we can restore balance, both in the mind and body of the user, and within the organisation itself.

Our Values

Trusted Partners:

through our work with you and your people, we will become trusted partners. Together we will celebrate success and thrive on discovery.

Focused on You:

We always put the needs of our clients first, and are responsive, approachable and proactive to their needs. Reaching the people that matter, when it matters.

Keep our Promises:

We will do what we say, and say what we do – we’re all in this together.

Care and Respect:

Support you in building a workplace where wellbeing can thrive, focused on people and delivered with sensitivity and compassion. We live our values within our own organisation creating a culture of inclusion and respect.

Our Story

The impact of mental health on our workforce from lost productivity is $11 billion per year, and one in five employees is affected by poor mental health.

That’s why MateCheck was founded by Paul O’Brien, who was involved with trauma support for the Nepal Earthquake victims, where he became aware of the beneficial effect of psychological support, opening his eyes to the broader challenge of workplace wellbeing.

During his 6 years as a specialist logistics and aviation business owner, he also observed the acute psychological vulnerabilities of FIFO workers and their families.

With WH&S a standard practice for physical risk management and safety, it seemed to him just as imperative to implement a system that would help mitigate mental health risk, and go beyond this to positively impact holistic wellbeing support in the workplace.