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Improve your productivity by making mental health everybody’s business.


There are a huge range of mental health programs and initiatives that organisations can implement to support their people – and we welcome best practice!

But you need to be able to objectively measure and monitor what’s working for your organisation, so MateCheck is creating a new standard in workplace mental health and wellbeing.


Who takes ultimate responsibility for your organisation’s workplace wellbeing and mental health?

Lawyers? Let’s hope we can avoid that. HR? Certainly. Everybody? Now that’s what we’re talking about — empowering all the people within your organisation through a support network that reaches those who matter, when it matters.

MateCheck is a responsive, technology-enabled health, wellbeing and safety platform that bridges a crippling gap for employees who need support, but have no access to a solution. The beauty of MateCheck is how easy we’ve made it to access — employees can interact through their smartphones or tablets. What’s more, this unique technology also gives them access to support from MateCheck’s expert pychologists and health professionals, or your chosen EAP provider.

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How does that work?

A confidential questionnaire helps them self-rate their level of life satisfaction, their quality of sleep, mood, stress and worry. (By regularly checking in, they complete an act of mindfulness each time they interact.) Feedback about their level of wellbeing is delivered in a customised message, with direct access to free, confidential support from professionals, at the touch of a button. No searching for phone numbers. No call centres. No paper shuffling.

Support can be provided in a number of ways. Employees can choose to receive a response to their request in a phone call, or an SMS that lists all the support-provider options, along with a calendar to book an appointment. The actual engagement can be provided face to face, over the phone, via text or a video link.

A private dashboard allows employees to see their wellbeing over time, with patterns identified and additional resources offered — such as videos and fact sheets tailored to their needs. They can also generate reports and export their information to a PDF, which they can review with their health professional.

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How does MateCheck help the organisation beyond individuals?

When you and your colleagues are aware of issues and concerns in the workplace, you can focus your energy on improvements. That’s why we provide employee data, collated into aggregated levels of life satisfaction, fatigue, mood, stress and worry. These collective insights help management improve workplace wellbeing and provide potentially life-saving solutions. Of course, all employee’s personal details are first removed, so that they remain anonymous.

Using the insights from the dashboard view of employee engagement and wellbeing, you can take an organizational “pulse check” and ask your teams more about the factors impacting them in the workplace. This real-time feedback allows you to design initiatives based on the needs of your workplace, and measure the value of investment.

With easy to use analytics, and two-way communication features, you have an integrated and coordinated wellbeing program. We know you care about your people, and now you have a way to demonstrate that you’re listening, and acting – creating a workplace where wellness can thrive.

Now, with MateCheck, we can all take advantage of an award-winning innovation — a comprehensive platform designed to improve the health and safety of employees.


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