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How does MateCheck work for you?


Everybody can have a bad day. Or a bad year. What’s important to remember is that no-one can deal with stress alone, when it becomes too much.


That’s why we need to make sure everybody in our workplace has access to support, from each other and from health professionals. It’s important to keep in mind that mental health is about working towards positivity.


The good news is, new technology is available that will empower you, and all your workmates – a support network that reaches those who matter, when it matters.

At MateCheck we’re using technology to bridge the gap for those of us who need support, but have no access to a solution.

The beauty of MateCheck is how easy it is for you to access – you can do it through your smartphone or tablet.

What’s more, this unique technology also gives you access to support from expert psychologists and health professionals.

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How does it work?

A confidential questionnaire helps you self-rate your level of wellbeing. You get direct feedback, along with access to free, confidential support from professionals, at the touch of a button. No searching for phone numbers. No call centres. No papework.


Support is at your fingertips – over the phone, by SMS, or face to face. You can choose what makes you most comfortable. There are even helpful resources you can go through on your phone when you have time, such as videos and fact sheets.


This is a no-nonsense way to deal with work-related stress, which has already led to life-saving interventions. So, even if you think you don’t need it, you can be sure there are workmates around you who do.

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What about my privacy?

MateCheck removes all employee’s personal details before providing data to management, so you remain anonymous. The collective insights your organisation can gain from this will help support you and those you work with, and deliver potentially life-saving solutions.


Now, with MateCheck, we can all take advantage of an award-winning innovation — a comprehensive platform designed to improve the health and safety of all our workmates.



Download the matecheck app and let's get started

Download the Matcheck App
  • - Sign in by entering your mobile phone number
  • - Select "Use code"
  • - Your unique private code will be provided by your service provider
  • - Follow registration steps, creating your own private password
Complete your weekly Wellcheck and submit
  • - Receive insights and tailored resources based on your responses
  • - Immediate one touch access to support
  • - Book appointments, receive a text or call back from one of the MateCheck Psychologists
  • - Track your wellbeing over time
Stay connected with your organisation
  • - Participate in surveys
  • - Give feedback
  • - Manage your appointments and "to do" list
  • - Celebrate successes and stay informed

MateCheck make it easy for everyone to take responsibility for their own, and their workmates’ mental health and wellbeing.

Learn more so you can spread the word at your workplace.

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